A soft 2-wheeled trolley, lightweight and unbreakable, made of rubber with over 60% recycled material in 10 different colors.

Pop-Up reduces its footprint by up to 50% to save space when stored at home and can be customized by choosing colored liners and some components, to create a personal and exclusive travel companion.

Pop-Up is suitable for the traveler who wants to stand out, a lover of Made in Italy design.

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During purchase customize your Pop-Up trolley by choosing from a wide range of colored liners
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We believe it is ethical to package trolleys that reduce their bulk volume when stored, both in the home environment and during the process of manufacturing, transportation, storage

About us

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Single tube aluminum towing

Handle integrated in the shell

TSA padlock with

Rainproof zipper with
custom sliders

Interchangeable wheels
with Easy-Click system

Integrated foot in the shell

Aluminum plate with
laser logo

of the trolley

  • Up to 50% space reduction
  • Customization of functions and aesthetics
  • 10 color variants
  • Wide range of 100% recycled PES liners
  • EVA rubber shell 60% recycled
  • Anti-tilt system
  • TSA padlock with combination
  • Rainproof zipper
  • Spare parts can be purchased separately
  • Simplified cleaning and maintenance
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions 55x40x20 cm
  • Weight 2.7 kg


Zoom Bags uses environmentally sustainable materials in nearly every component of the Pop-Up trolley.

In particular, the shells are made in Italy from E.V.A. rubber with over 60% recycled material from post-production waste that is ground up and returned to the production cycle.

Removable lining in
PES 100% recycled

Large inside pocket

Silver lettering printed
in serigraphy

Recycled nylon hooks

Elastic clothes net
in recycled PES


The internal reinforcement of the Pop-Up trolley has a patented anti-tip system that ensures greater stability of the trolley when fully loaded.

By means of this system, the two shells interlock with each other and the closed zipper keeps this interlocking stable making the base of the trolley a continuous surface.

Removable liners

The 100% recycled PES liners are available in a variety of colors and selectable during purchase. 

The liners themselves are removable, water washable and interchangeable.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The Pop-Up shells are easily cleaned with a common kitchen degreaser spray and a soft cloth.

The PES covers are removable with a zipper, interchangeable by purchasing new ones, and can be washed in 30°C water and air dried.


Pop-Up features a patented Easy-Click system for replacing wheels when they wear out.

This system allows you to unhook the wheel in order to replace it with another one that is the same or different in design and color (soon available in the shop).

Pop-up is color!

One of its key features is its wide range of 10 color variants inspired by a journey through Italy’s colors: from Dolomites White to Stromboli Black, through Toscana Green, Maremma Yellow, Sardinia Turquoise, Pompeii Red and Sicily Orange. A path that winds from north to south through the most popular Italian places.

Design Your Journey
Pop-Up Your Experience!

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