The end of the year is upon us but we at Zoom Bags, instead of looking back, prefer think about tomorrow . So no assessment of 2022 which is about to end, but rather a look at the future on a large scale with a list of good intentions for a 2023 dedicated to sustainability .

Here are some suggestions to start 2023 off in the best possible way:

  1. Choose a more active lifestyle

Leave the sofa and get out of your comfort zone : take advantage of the new year to replace laziness with a good dose of movement. Organize trips out of town, choose the sport you like most and fly towards greater awareness of your body (don't know where to start again? Look at the WHO guidelines! ).

  1. Reduce your impact on the environment: use your legs!

For your daily commute, prefer a nice walk or take out your bicycle! If you have to travel longer distances, try to leave the car in the garage and, when you can, use public transport : buses, trams and especially trains produce much less CO2 than your car, in addition to the fact that if you don't have to drive you can use that time to do many other things.

  1. Dedicate yourself to nature: surround yourself with plants

Fill your home with greenery, surround yourself with colorful plants and flowers , and if you also have a balcony or a garden available, experience the joy of tending a vegetable garden (even in a box!). Remember this: learning to take care of your creatures has many positive aspects, reduces stress and increases good mood . And then do you want to add the beauty of a house full of oxygen and shades of green?

  1. Follow a healthier diet

Eat mindfully: inform yourself about the origin of the products you put on your plate, giving priority to organic and 0 km. Search for a GAS, Solidarity Purchasing Group in your area and buy your organic products directly from the producer instead of from large retailers. Make ethical and intelligent choices: this way you will help reduce pollution and waste.

  1. Take a break from social media: less smartphones + books

Check on your smartphone how much time you spend on social media every day: it's probably more than you'd like. But the reality is that we are all in the same boat: often the screen sucks us in and we can't take our eyes off those images that flow under our thumb . But we must try to change course and regain other pastimes.

Obviously, if you can, go to your favorite bookshop, don't disdain used books and always remember the existence of libraries.

  1. Surround yourself with new people

Getting to know other people can be very stimulating, as it allows you to interface and deal with individuals who have thoughts and ideals different from your own. This means enriching one's cultural background and then being ready to look at the world with a new and more receptive gaze, very useful aspect for the next point.

  1. Travel more: discover new places!

Traveling opens the mind : whatever journey it is, be it short or long, spiritual or adventurous, solitary or in company, a change of scenery is always a good opportunity to discover new places and cultures, all aspects that contribute to improving the our understanding of the world and to break down prejudices.

And what better way to travel than in the company of Zoom Bags!

  1. Repair, recover and reuse the items you own before throwing them away

Do you have an old and slightly battered suitcase? If you can, try not to throw it away! Before contributing to the overcrowding of landfills, try to fix your trolley, do what you can to avoid losing its value: we always support it, a lived-in suitcase is the mirror of your travels!

Then, if after a few attempts you can't fix it and you understand that the time has come to replace it with a new one, then turn your attention also to small realities: in the case of a suitcase, rely on Zoom Bags!

Zoom Bags is a brand Made in Italy which makes the sustainability and design are its key points: the Pop-Up eco-trolley It is made of rubber with over the 60% recycled material , it is very light And colored like a bouquet of flowers.

Pop-Ups Of Zoom Bags it is ideal for all types of travel: comfortable, functional, practical, capable of reducing its size by up to 50% , suitable for any occasion, for any season of the year and perfect for all people with a green soul.

Now that we have drawn up this list of good eco-resolutions for 2023, all that remains is to put them into practice and try to improve our impact on the world. And if you are already thinking about some destination for your next trip and you are missing a suitcase, Zoom Bags is the one for you!

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