Recycled materials and the fight against waste: this is the green ethic of Zoom Bags

The trolleys are beautiful and good Pop-Ups by Zoom Bags: practical and lightweight suitcases that are good for the environment

There sustainability for Zoom Bags it is a mission: ours is a brand born to be close to those who travel, to those who explore the world with suitcase in hand, a world that is essential to preserve and respect. We do it with our trolleys and with the choices behind their production.

That of "sustainability" is a concept that has only recently been combined with the term "development": according to environmental and economic sciences it is, to be clear, a condition that ensures the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation, preventing this from preclude the possibilities of future ones to satisfy their own.

In other words, sustainability is what holds an ecosystem together in balance and since for us at Zoom Bags, to have balance it is essential to travel and learn, we could only create innovative but totally environmentally friendly .

Ours is a young and creative Italian luggage brand, but despite its "tender age" it is inspired by solid principles, first of all respect for the environment that surrounds us.

Our trolley Pop-Up , in fact, not Alone I'm totally alone innovative in conception, but are made in the belief that it is And It is essential not to waste resources because, as we are all aware by now, none are inexhaustible.

The overall space , among many, is one of these "scarce resources" and those who travel know it well: here, in fact, we have studied and patented a special system thanks to which the external casing of the trolley Pop-Ups it has a profile specifically designed to reduce the volume occupied by the suitcase once emptied and stored.

Not only that: the raw materials with which Zoom Bags suitcases are made are almost all recycled . Recycled is the EVA rubber of the shells , just as the material of the shells is recycled linings , all in polyester obtained from the disposal of plastic bottles or recovered from overproduction of fabric.

In the recycling and in the fight against waste therefore, the concept of sustainability which is the basis of our corporate philosophy materializes, because both are a symptom of production inefficiencies and environmental pollution that we at Zoom Bags intend to fight by doing our part towards a new, more sustainable paradigm for the planet. All this without compromising the quality and design of our suitcases, made of skilful harmony of combinations and the brilliance of the color variations proposed for the customization of your trolleys Pop-Ups .

There is an expression in Greek that summarizes and describes our suitcases perfectly: Kalokagathia .

Do you know what that means? It literally means (or almost) " beautiful and good " and indicates the ideal of moral and physical perfection in man, whereby external beauty necessarily corresponds to internal beauty: in other words, one cannot be beautiful if one is not good.

Here are our trolleys Pop-Ups they are exactly like that: beautiful to look at, practical to use and above all good because they don't harm the environment.