Zoom Bags was the protagonist of an article published in Plast Design magazine.
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magazine: Plast Design
author: the editorial team

Chiara Caramelli signs the Zoom Bags Pop-up two-wheeled trolley, which bounces unharmed in the event of a fall on injection-molded shells (with manual stabilization in the cooling forms) in EVA, made up of 60% recycled material; they also include an anti-tipping reinforcement and are joined by plastic screws and a zip, while the polyurethane wheels are assembled by interlocking for easy disassembly at the end of their life.
Once stored, Pop-Up halves its size: the EVA shells and the polyester lining (recycled from post-consumer bottles) can be customized in colour, for which an ad hoc design by Eliana Lorena is reserved.