Saint Valentine is approaching and we at Zoom Bags want to give you some romantic travel idea to experience Valentine's Day together with your partner. And since we like to be different (just like the our Pop-Up trolley ), in this article we offer you a list of 5 slightly unusual Italian and European destinations, cities and towns that are more niche than Paris, Venice or Verona, perfect for a romantic getaway with your sweetheart and in the company of your our trolley.

So get ready to discover the 5 destinations we have selected for Valentine's Day!

  1. Valentine's Day in Pienza and Bagno Vignoni (Siena)

Walk hand in hand along Via del Bacio and Via dell'Amore in Pienza , the splendid Tuscan village nestled in the Val d'Orcia. Choose this place for Valentine's Day and lose yourself in the softness of this country UNESCO heritage in the company of yours Green Tuscany Pop-Up . And after walking, after visiting what was considered the "ideal city" in the Renaissance era, you reach Bagno Vignoni , a splendid hamlet of San Quirico d'Orcia. Here you can enjoy the thermal waters that have flowed through these lands since Roman times and spend a happy and relaxing Valentine's Day.

  1. Erice (Trapani)

Sicily is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy , very rich from both a landscape and historical point of view. In the province of Trapani, on Monte San Giuliano, it rises the beautiful Erice village from which it is possible to admire the sea and Trapani below. In February, in the low season, you can find flights at advantageous prices and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of this small town immersed in tranquility . Unmissable in Erice is the pastry shop of Maria Grammatico, authentic custodian of Erice's confectionery tradition and an obligatory stop for a moment of sweetness with your other half. Ah, we forgot: if you go to Sicily, you can't do without Sicily Orange Pop-Up !

  1. Glamping

Glamping is one of the biggest trends right now when it comes to travel . The word comes from the contraction of glamorous and camping and means a way of experiencing camping in a more luxurious and chic way, in contact with nature and very often with low environmental impact accommodation . Imagine the magic of falling asleep inside a tent equipped with all the comforts and with a transparent roof on a clear winter night, as dark as Pop-Up Nero Stromboli, the kind without clouds, with the stars hanging above you like art paintings. If you're looking for an unconventional option for your Valentine's Day getaway, this is definitely for you!

  1. Discover Bled (Slovenia)

If Slovenia is starting to be known for its breathtaking landscapes, it owes a lot to it to the dazzling beauty of Bled , an Alpine resort famous mainly for its lake (by the way, what color will its waters be? More Elba blue or Turquoise Sardinia?). In the summer months the town comes alive with tourists for nature walks, while in winter the solutions to enjoy this place also include relaxing moments immersed in the thermal pools overlooking the lake or numerous ways to enjoy winter sports. But there is another reason why we at Zoom Bags appreciate Bled very much, namely its particular attention to eco-sustainability which in fact allowed it to be named the second best location in Europe in the field of sustainable tourism within the Green Destinations 2019 project.

  1. Lübeck (Germany)

We conclude our list of destinations with Lübeck . This pearl of Northern Germany is often in the background when considering Germany for a trip, yet it is small Lübeck is perfect for spending a few days relaxing in the company of those you love , perhaps with a trolley Pompeii Red Pop-Up, red like love. A UNESCO heritage site since 1987, the city nicknamed "Queen of the Hanse" is a a riot of elegance with a Baltic flavour . In addition to its Gothic architecture, Valentine's Day is a unique opportunity to walk along the western coasts of the city, reflect in the river banks and appreciate a Germany different from that of the most popular German destinations.

Now that we've given you some travel ideas for Valentine's Day, don't waste any more time: fill your Pop-Up with Zoom Bags and set off towards one of these dream destinations!

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