Traveling towards a sustainable future: The Zoom Bags commitment

In a world facing growing environmental challenges , the luggage industry can no longer ignore its impact on the health of the planet. Hence the commitment of Zoom Bags® , an Italian luggage brand born with the mission of revolutionizing the sector through sustainability and innovation .

Sustainability as durability

The idea behind Zoom Bags® is not only to use recycled materials , but to completely redefine the concept of sustainability in the luggage industry . This means not only reducing the environmental impact through the use of eco-friendly materials , but also ensuring maximum durability .

It's not just about creating products that stand the test of time, but also about ensuring that they are easily repairable and completely self-assembled . At the end of their life, they can be easily disassembled to facilitate the sorting operations of the materials sent to "new life" through recycling.

For Zoom Bags, sustainability is also social and economic : the supplier is paid a fair fee and without price negotiations. Through visits to external suppliers we verified the working conditions of the majority of companies that collaborate with us.

This is why our products are ethical and respectful of the environment and people.

Independently interchangeable parts

What makes the Pop-Up Trolley truly unique is the ability to be completely disassembled and easily repaired . Parts subject to deterioration can be easily replaced and purchased through assistance.

Furthermore, the assembly is extremely simple and can be done independently, without the need for special skills or special equipment. This not only reduces costs and repair times, but also allows you to have total control over your product.

Eco-friendly materials

Zoom Bags® is committed to using eco-friendly materials for its trolleys, ensuring a sustainable and high-quality travel experience.

The shell of our Pop-Up trolley is made of recycled EVA rubber , a material certified by Bureau Veritas and obtained from industrial waste of shoe soles and pre-consumer plates. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is an expanded polymer that has replaced the rubber used for shoe soles, guaranteeing better performance in terms of lightness, strength, abrasion resistance and colorability.

Our trolleys made with this material have the same performance, effectively protecting your belongings from impacts during travel.

The engineering solutions we have developed fully integrate both the Pop-Up handle and foot into the shell, which are also molded as a piece in EVA

The internal lining of our POP-UP trolley is made with 100% recycled polyester (PES) fabric obtained from recycled post-consumer PET bottles. The fabric is Global Recycled Standard and Oeko-Tex certified because the company, through agreements with local associations, recovers the material from the environment and gives it a new life with the production of a yarn that is used for the production of fabric, helping to support a circular economy.

Sustainability for Zoom Bags is a tangible commitment: offering the conscious traveler high quality products, design and functionality, but also the possibility of making an informed choice, which respects the future of the planet, people and animals, demonstrating that it is possible travel towards a better future.