The traveler's dream becomes reality thanks to the intuition of designer Chiara Caramelli

The innovation of Zoom Bags: practicality and sustainability at the basis of the revolutionary trolleys Pop-Ups .

It was clear from her debut in the world of leather goods that the designer Chiara Caramelli was a creative with an ecological soul, but that she intended to revolutionize the world of travel with his Zoom Bags perhaps not everyone knew it yet. It's exactly like this, in fact: the brand founded by the Tuscan entrepreneur proposes itself, with its own trolley , to provide an innovative solution to the traveler's biggest problems, weight and space , and it does so with Pop-Up, a travel trolley that can also be personalized .

Chiara has been involved in industrial design for over twenty years and over time has specialized in the leather goods sector, becoming a consultant for some of the major international brands in the sector. Always interested in experimentation and research on innovative materials, in 2013 she dived into production with Chiara Caramelli Design Lab, paying particular attention to sustainability , an issue that is resolved with the use of recycled, recyclable and recovered raw materials. So in 2018 it introduced its first brand of eco bags made of washable paper and recycled materials onto the market ( ). But if ecological sensitivity passes from the fight against the waste of resources and the reduction of production waste, also optimize space it is indicative of a sustainable mentality. From here the idea of ​​the Zoom Bags brand and its products was born foldable trolleys that they focus on reducing space when they are stored at home, both after use and during the transport and storage process.

The genius behind the intuition of Zoom Bags derives precisely from the experience of the Florentine designer, who designed and patented a system that allows her trolleys to reduce your footprint by up to 70% . Pop-Ups it is in fact the first product of the Zoom bags collection: a two-wheeled trolley in soft rubber, Made in Italy , light and unbreakable, as well as customizable in the colors of some components, which flattens out, reducing its overall volume by half, an indispensable quality when the item is stored in a domestic environment . A second collection of rigid suitcases is already in the prototyping phase save space which will reduce their volume by up to 70% of their size.

But Zoom Bags has gone even beyond this goal: in fact it uses for its products eco-sustainable and recycled materials, with particular attention to maintenance that the consumer can do himself, such as replacing worn wheels or the possibility of washing the internal linings of trolleys , because Chiara knows that successful ideas also come from care and respect for the environment.

In a historical moment like the one we are experiencing, in which we can still mostly only dream about the journey, another dream comes to life: that of Chiara and her Zoom Bags, sustainable trolleys from every point of view.

All we have to do is plan the next steps and wait to leave again: the destination is already in our heads, the suitcase, certainly a Zoom Bags, ready in our hands.