Below is the full article published in Interni magazine, in 2023
magazine: Interni magazine
author: Danilo Signorello

Zoom Bags, for travelers of the Third Millennium

Pop-Up is the trolley for the contemporary traveller: colourful, designer, sustainable, agile and light

It's easy to say trolley . What requirements must our future travel companion meet at the time of purchase? Does it only have to be robust (to withstand shocks and abrasions during transport by car, train, plane) and resistant (for example, to atmospheric agents)? Or stand out for its refined design (designed with an attractive and trendy aesthetic, in addition to the basic functionality of protecting and transporting personal effects)? Maybe also be smart (offering functions such as automatic weighing, digital lock, GPS localization), sustainable (made with ecological and durable materials, with low impact on natural resources and the environment during production, use and disposal) or customizable (tailored to your needs). needs and that reflects personal style and preferences)? As often happens, the truth lies in a synthesis of all the issues: offering protection , the right capacity , durability , comfort , agility , lightness .

Innovative solutions

Chiara Caramelli , designer and founder of the brand Zoom Bags, tried to give answers And solutions to these questions. Making travel items designed for the traveler contemporary: sustainable in materials (recycled and environmentally friendly), customizable in style (with attention to detail and an exclusive design), innovative solutions (such as reducing the size when put away after use).

Sustainable design

Selected by ADI Design Index 2022 for the international award Compasso d'Oro 2024 , Pop-Ups (55X40X20 cm x 2.7 kg x 30 litres) is the trolley designed by Chiara Caramelli and produced in Italy with materials recycled : two-wheel cabin size, light, resistant, customizable in colours , design. There EVA rubber (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a soft closed cell foam rubber used to make flexible and elastic products, waterproof and non-toxic) of shells it is made up of over 60% recycled material from waste Of processing of shoe soles. The material is certified and produced in Italy in ten different colors . There inner lining and of polyester 100% recycled from the recovery of plastic bottles and industrial waste, it is removable and washable in water for better maintenance .

A decisive choice

“Our choice of sustainability also provides the recovery of excess production of tissue for the linings and the reduction of the bulk of the trolley up to 50% by completely dividing the two shells which can be placed one inside the other so as not to take up domestic space", explains the designer. The wheels they can be replaced in case of wear or damage to extend the life cycle of the product. In the event of an accidental fall, Pop-Up bounces instead of breaking, thanks to the impact-resistant recycled EVA rubber shells.

Color, color, color

Designed in collaboration with Eliana Lorena , the color design is inspired by a trip to Italy through a route from north to south: from White Dolomites to the Nero Stromboli , passing through the Green Tuscany , the Yellow Maremma , the Turquoise Sardinia , the Pompei Red , up to Sicily Orange .