Summer is over, swimsuits, beach towels and sun creams are over, it's no longer time for the light "clothes" of D'Annunzio. Here, as if by magic, after a hibernation that lasted months, the first long-sleeved t-shirts reappear, mid-season coats, hooded sweatshirts, and even scarves and foulards for the most sensitive to the cold and intimidated, essential to avoid falling into the fresh ice that screws you over, oh yes they screw you over. For many, the end of summer is the end of the year, the moment in which the entertainment, the crazy evenings, the beautiful sunny days end, it is the moment in which the melancholy of the darkness takes over. In two words: autumn winter .

But to tell the truth, alongside the perception of something ending, the opposite feeling also creeps in benevolently: that of tight hugs that don't make you sweat, the pleasure of the blanket and the herbal tea on the sofa, that of "I'm not going out tonight and so good".

Regardless of this, however, there is also a third option. You don't necessarily have to be sad about the end of the summer or hole up at home when autumn and winter arrive. The other option is to take these two seasons and still make them fabulous and worth remembering. As? Travelling Obviously!

Yes, but where to go when the days are short and maybe the climate isn't even the best?

The answer is simple: the important thing is not where you go, but with who go, especially if he is in your company Zoom Bags !

We can already see you thinking about the Dolomites, the sharp peaks and the soft snow. For years you have been dreaming of the moment when you will finally go back to enjoying that skiing holiday that you miss so much. You are already anticipating the firm sound of skis attaching to your boots, the delicious scent of a mountain refuge, that walnut cake that the memory holds on your taste buds and laughter with friends in front of the warmth of a lit fireplace. And then you will take your Zoom Bags Pop-Up – obviously in Dolomite White – and start filling it with sweaters and wishes, gloves, scarves and hats with pom-poms. And you won't have to worry about dirty snow that could stain your trolley: you know well that the Pop-Up shell is mainly made up of recycled materials which can be cleaned using a kitchen degreaser and a soft cloth. You will be happy with your suitcase Made in Italy with a refined design that will make you look great in the hotel lobby.

If you instead choose a city holiday, no problem! How beautiful and adrenaline-filled are those quick escapes, those breathless races to the airport as soon as you leave work. You have the Pop-Up ready in the car, filled with everything you need for those two-three days of brain disconnection. You need it and you know it: to escape from routine, pass by foreign faces and shop windows, meet new people, drink and eat something you're not used to. Like that time you went to Copenhagen, a fascinating, precious city, but above all with freezing temperatures. Along those stretches of sea, recently landed and headed to the hotel, the last thing you wanted was to be caught in the December rain. You had an umbrella with you beforehand but it wasn't big enough to cover your suitcase as well. The result was a disaster: when you arrived at the hotel the trolley - which was not a Pop-Up - had suffered from the situation and once you took possession of the room you also had to deal with a good part of your clothes being completely soaked.

Here because now you have chosen Pop-Up : not only for its exceptional design but also to avoid the risk of repeating an experience like the one in Copenhagen. With the perspective of Ireland and the typical dancing climate, yours Green Tuscany Pop-Up with his rainproof zips It is ideal to leave with the knowledge that all your belongings will remain perfectly dry even in a downpour, despite the Irish climate.

And then the sea remains. Who in winter - and this also applies to mountain lovers - doesn't dream of taking a warm escape, sinking their feet in the sand of a tropical island and then returning home with a tanned face that everyone would envy? It's obvious you're thinking about it...: you imagine walking under the palm trees of the Maldives at golden hour or sipping a Daiquiri at a bar counter made of bamboo canes. Then do it! Open your Mediterranean Blue Pop-Up – a dark and intense blue – and start with the costumes. Run to get them, then also look for your favorite flip-flops, snorkeling supplies and the wide-brimmed hat perfect for the seaside mood. Put everything in the trolley and leave (don't forget the sunscreen!). When you are on the beach, think about those who are chattering from the cold, think about how lucky you are to be there at that moment, think about the impression you made with your Pop-Up. If you want to exaggerate, take it to the beach and use it as a dinghy: In fact, the Pop-Up trolley floats and does not let water pass through thanks to its recycled foam rubber shell.

In short, you understood: Pop-Up by Zoom Bags is a suitcase suitable for any occasion, perfect 24 hours a day and in every season of the year . So have no doubts: this winter, whether you decide to go to the mountains, to the seaside or to the city, do it above all in the company of those you love and together with Zoom Bags. It's a promise: you will make the right choice!