Only sustainable materials

The Pop-up Trolley linings in 100% recycled PES

Zoom Bags is true sustainability: the colored and interchangeable Pop-Up linings are made with 100% recycled polyester (PES), derived from recovered and transformed plastic bottles and industrial waste.

The recycling process: excellent example of circular economy

Waste materials, plastic bottles and production surpluses, are processed through a recovery process that transforms waste into new noble materials, to be used in the creation of excellent products in terms of quality and design.

Collection and selection

The bottles are collected, cleaned and shredded into small pieces, creating a versatile and 100% recycled material, which can be reintroduced into the production cycle. Industrial waste is carefully selected so as not to loose the integrity and strength of the original colour, often reintroduced into the production cycle directly within the same production chain.


The collected pieces of plastic and waste are melted and spun into new fibres, which will be used to weave the trolley covers.

Lining production

The polyester fibers are woven to create the Pop-Up linings, guaranteeing sturdiness and durability and maintaining the liveliness and strength of the colour, thanks to careful research during the selection of the material, which characterize the interiors of the Zoom Bags trolleys.

Awards: design and eco-compatibility

The use of recycled PES not only reduces plastic waste but also promotes a responsible production model, which is also why Zoom Bags obtained the prestigious international recognition IF Design Award 2024, and was selected as a finalist at the Compasso D'Oro 2024.

Zoom Bags proves that sustainability, innovation and style can truly coexist in a single product. The production methodologies adopted by the brand not only respond to the needs and values ​​of those who want to travel sustainably, starting from the choice of their luggage, but also to the stringent regulations of certified eco-sustainable production.
With a continuous commitment to the research and improvement of ecological materials and the design of innovative solutions working on the concept of sustainability as durability, i.e. an increase in the life cycle of the product to reduce waste, Zoom Bags projects itself as a leader in luggage sustainable design.