Zoom Bags regenerates industrial waste and produces the Pop-Up Shell, in Indestructible Soft Rubber

How to make a resistant, but not rigid shell; made with design style, but truly sustainable?

Zoom Bags has found the answer: Pop-Up has an indestructible soft rubber shell , derived from industrial waste. In the landscape of sustainable luggage, this innovation is completely cutting-edge and for this reason Zoom Bags has received sustainability certifications.

The certifications: the sustainability of Zoom Bags is real, stop Green-washing!

  • The Bureau Veritas Italia Certification certifies the use of materials in line with UNI EN ISO 14021/2016 requirements.
  • Renoon is a leading app for sustainability in fashion and Zoom Bags is a member, with a rating of 4/5.

The Innovative Shell: it does not dent and does not pollute

The shell of Zoom Bags represents a notable advancement in luggage design. Made entirely from industrial rubber waste, the material not only ensures exceptional strength and durability, but also contributes to reducing environmental impact by minimizing the waste produced by the rubber industry.


the soft rubber ensures that Pop-Up resists to the most violent impacts without being damaged.


the use of recycled materials reduces dependence on polluting resources and creates virtuous processes even in industrial production, introducing a strong ecological footprint into the production process.

Functional and Aesthetic:

it is robust, but also surprisingly light and flexible; this makes the trolley easy to handle, without sacrificing internal space. Furthermore, the materiality of the material gives character and personality to the aesthetics of the product

The Production Process: industrial waste has new life

Rubber waste, coming from the production of sneaker soles for example, is collected and reintroduced into the production cycle, immediately reducing the level of waste destined for landfill.
What is collected is processed again, treated and transformed into a new composite material, which maintains all the elastic properties and resistance of rubber. The material thus produced is modeled to create the shell of the trolley, with a shape that was designed by Chiara Caramelli, designer and founder of Zoom bags, to absorb shocks, resist scratches and abrasions during use, expand to maintain a compact external dimension but be highly spacious inside.

Awards: design and eco-compatibility

The production of recycled rubber shells not only reduces the production of industrial waste, but also promotes a responsible production model; also for this reason Zoom Bags obtained the prestigious international recognition IF Design Award 2024, and was selected as a finalist at the Compasso D'Oro 2024.

With its indestructible soft rubber shell, Zoom Bags sets new standards in the high-end luggage sector and demonstrates how technological innovation and attention to the environment can go hand in hand. This combination of durability, aesthetics and sustainability makes Zoom Bags an ideal choice for the modern traveler, aware of the importance of protecting our planet.