Zoom Bags Pop-Up Trolley: Excellence of the Italian Supply Chain

Zoom Bags stands out for its commitment to authenticity and sustainability, making its trolleys in Italy: design, manufacturing and assembly are located entirely in the Peninsula. This not only ensures superior quality control, but also reinforces the commitment to a sustainable production cycle.
By reducing the kilometers traveled by our trolleys, we significantly contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, thus aligning ourselves with the expectations of a public increasingly aware of environmental issues.

Innovative Italian Design

The process begins with design. Chiara Caramelli, creator and designer of Zoom Bags, is an all-Italian excellence, who creates her products entirely based on original designs.
The attention to detail is impeccable, every aspect of the trolley is designed to meet the needs of the contemporary traveller.

High Quality Locally Made

Production takes place in factories located in Italy, using local materials and cutting-edge techniques. The control is rigorous, with every component of the trolley examined to ensure that it meets the high standards established by the UNI EN ISO 14021/2016 certification. This approach not only supports the local economy, but also minimizes the environmental impact of transporting materials and finished products.

Careful and Precise Assembly

The last phase is assembly, carried out locally. This process allows us to take care of every detail, ensuring that each trolley meets the required standards in terms of functionality, design and robustness. Obviously, 0 km assembly also guarantees greater production sustainability.

Choosing a pop-up trolley from Zoom Bags is a choice of quality, design and responsibility, offering a product that not only meets the practical needs of travelers but also makes them participants in an ethical and sustainable production cycle. With Zoom Bags, traveling becomes a gesture of style and awareness.