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Measurements: 55x40x20 cm
Weight: 2.7 kg
Capacity: 30 L
  • Space saving up to 50%
  • Customization of functions and aesthetics
  • 10 color variations
  • Wide range of linings in 100% recycled PES
  • Shell in 60% recycled EVA rubber
  • Anti-tipping systemTSA combination lock
  • Anti-rain zip
  • Spare parts can be purchased separately
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions 55x40x20 cm
  • Weight 2.7kg
  • Volume 30 L

Explore the world with Pop-Up, a soft 2-wheel trolley, Made in Italy, hand luggage size, which combines innovative design and environmental sustainability.

Pop-Up is light and unbreakable because it is made of EVA rubber with over 60% of recycled material, in 10 different colours.

The linings are made of 100% recycled PES fabric and available in 12 color variations can be combined as desired to create a personal and exclusive travel mate.

Pop-Up can be completely dismantled to reduce its size by up to 50% and not take up space when stored at home.

Pop-Up allows you to independently replace damaged wheels and wash the linings in soap and water, a correct maintenance that extends the life of our trolley.

Every detail is carefully taken care of: the anti-rain zip protects from sudden downpours, the combination lock with TSA system guarantees the maximum security for a trip in total peace of mind, the elastic clothes-securing net and a large pocket an optimal organization of the internal space.

Explore the world with the Pop-Up Trolley Bag, Italian excellence that combines innovative design and environmental sustainability.

The clear blue of Elba evokes the beauty and tranquility of this Tuscan island, offering you a touch of serenity on every journey.

Pop-Up is suitable for the aware traveller, who wants to stand out, Made in Italy design lover.

Measurements 55x40x20 cm, weight 2.7 kg, capacity 30L


Pop-Up is equipped with a patented Easy-Click system for replacing the wheels in case of wear or damage. This system allows you to detach the wheel to replace it with another one of the same or different design and colour.

The internal reinforcement of the Pop-Up Trolley has a patented anti-tipping system which ensures greater stability of the fully loaded trolley, preventing it from tipping forward.

TSA padlocks are equipped with two components: the strip for entering the combination of numbers with which to personalize the opening and closing of the padlock and a hole, through which the special "universal key" that only those possessed can pass. American security agents authorized to check baggage. In fact, no one other than them owns that passepartout, furthermore the padlock was created with the highest safety standards and forcing it is almost impossible.

The Zoom Bags zips protect the contents of the suitcase from the rain. All your clothes will stay dry and safe inside the POPUP TROLLEY

The Zoom Bags aluminum handle makes the Trolley very light and comfortable to carry, ensuring easy usability.

The POP UP TROLLEY Zoom Bags is 60% created with recycled materials. The Shell is entirely produced from industrial rubber waste from shoe soles. The lining is made from 100% recycled PES, the material used for plastic bottles.

Design, Recognitions and Transparency

The Pop-Up lining can be chosen according to your taste and can be attached with a zip. This solution also allows the possibility of unhooking it for washing and replacing it.The lining can be purchased on our website as a spare part to guarantee greater durability of your Pop-Up Trolley.

Pop-Up won the iF Design Award 2024 and was selected by ADI Design Index as a finalist for the Compasso d'Oro 2024

Pop-Up is Made in Italy, from design to production. The Pop-Up shells are injection molded in a company that produces sneaker soles for the most important fashion brands in the area around Florence, the assembly is carried out by specialized external laboratories close to our headquarters.

Most of our production chain is MADE IN ITALY: molding of the E.V.A. rubber shells, assembly, packaging are made in Italy, while the functional components such as wheels, internal reinforcements and towing come from certified companies in South East Asia where the most reliable manufacturers of these components are situated.

The Zoom Bags Pop-Up Trolley is created by valorising recycled materials and recovering excess production.

The shell is produced from 62% recycled EVA rubber coming from industrial shoe sole waste, injection molded directly by the company that produces the soles: true zero km recycling.The internal lining is produced from 100% recycled PES, coming from recycled plastic bottles or industrial processing waste. Our choice of sustainability involves the recovery of excess fabric production, which means that no new material has been produced for the creation of our linings and that the available colors may vary over time. Your Pop-Up Trolley will be truly unique!

The Pop-Up shell is Bureau Veritas certified, the fabric for the linings is Global Recycled Standard, Oeko Tex, Eco Circle, Jiaren New Materials certified.Our Quality Tests were carried out by SGS, the most authoritative international agency, and have obtained the following results performed with the trolley fully loaded with 20 kg:

  • Tumble Test – 50 rotations
  • Handle Test – 5000 lifts
  • Wheel Test – 32 km on rough terrain
  • Step Running Test – 200 steps climbed
  • Towing Resistant Test – 500 towing shakes
  • Drop Test – 10 times from -12°C on each side of the trolley
  • Color Fastness Test – 8 hours at 72°C without deformation

Italy is our palette: the Zoom Bags colors are the expression of a journey from North to South; Italian temperament, landscapes and culture are our inspiration