Italian Brand
Design by Chiara Caramelli

Travel items designed for the contemporary traveler: stylish, functional and innovative.

Traveling is knowledge, freedom, personal growth.

But it wasn’t always like that…
There was a time when travel was a necessity and when, suitcase in hand, we went out to find a better future.

Suitcases have always been closely linked to personal history. Suitcases have carried us through space and time, dreams and sorrows, memories and hopes: at the beginning they were made of cardboard, tied tightly with string so as not to lose the many memories they carried.

Then suitcases evolved, first in fabric and leather and later in synthetic materials which were cheaper and more functional.
In the meantime, travel also changed. Leisure travel became accessible to everyone and suitcases, filled to bursting, became too heavy to carry.

Then someone thought of adding two small wheels to the suitcase … Et voila! The 2-wheeled trolley was born … a real revolution!

However, if on one hand the trolley has made it easier to transport larger volumes, becoming increasingly bulky, on the other hand people now live in smaller houses, so that when we return home, we never know how to store our trolley!

I too had several suitcases which, when not traveling, were kept under the bed or in the wardrobe, stacked or filled with other objects, bags and backpacks.

One day, coming back from a trip, I was trying to squeeze my huge rigid suitcase into an impossibly narrow space and I thought: “How nice it would be if this trolley could be flattened like a box!“.

And there it was, the solution!