Zoom Bags and sustainability is fashion, even in luggage.

Environmental awareness is an increasingly central theme even in travel: luggage faces an important challenge, linked to production materials, traditionally not very ecological, and to the product durability. Zoom Bags was created to respond to this growing demand for practical, elegant and sustainable luggage solutions.

A new concept of sustainability: recycling, durability, compactness

In a world where many brands drown in Greenwashing, falsely professing to be sustainable and eco-friendly, Zoom Bags combines advanced functionality and refined design with a commitment to sustainability, offering travelers an alternative that doesn't compromise on style or quality.

Pop-Up trolley is sustainable because it uses 100% recycled material for linings and shells.

It is sustainable because it is highly durable over time, reducing the need to change trolleys after a few years, especially for intense travellers.
Thus, sustainability is not only in the materials, but above all in the durability of the product itself: built with interchangeable parts that can be easily replaced independently, at home.

A further distinctive element of our products is their ability to reduce the overall volume, a feature that improves not only home accomodation but also efficiency during production, transport and storage. This approach reduces the carbon footprint of the final product and demonstrates our continuous commitment to more environmental friendly practices.

We invest in the future of our planet

At Zoom Bags, we believe it's our duty to actively contribute to the protection of the planet we love to explore. Every trolley we produce is a step towards a more sustainable future, where exploration and respect for our environment can go hand in hand.

We are certified by Bureau Veritas Italia for UNI EN ISO 14021/2016 requirements.
We are accredited members of Renoon , the leading application for fashion sustainability.

With Pop-Up you travel in style, but in an ethical way: let's create the future together, we really can do it.