Sustainability as the duration of the product's life cycle: a Pop-Up is forever... or almost!

Trolley Pop-Up is designed to last over time. Not only is the shell indestructible, but its components are removable and replaceable, in a simple and practical way even at home.
The pops can be divided into two parts with just a few moves, and this allows you to separate the shells and store them one inside the other, reducing the size of the empty product by 50%, while the more perishable components, such as the wheels and the lining , are intuitively replaceable.

All this allows travelers to make their Pop-Up last a long time, reducing the waste of material due to product deterioration.

Removable linings

The 100% recycled PES linings are available in different color variations, which can be purchased in the online store.
The covers themselves are removable with a zip, hand washable in water and interchangeable.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Pop-Up shells can be easily cleaned with soap and water or, for more persistent dirt, a common kitchen degreaser spray and a soft cloth can be used.

The PES linings are removable with a zip, hand washable in water at 30°C and neutral soap and air dryable.

Easy-click system

Pop-Up is equipped with a patented Easy-Click system for replacing the wheels in case of wear or damage.
This allows you to detach the wheel to replace it with another one that is the same or different in design and colour. The wheels can also be purchased online.